Four Common Male Yeast Infection Causes


Yeast infection, also known as Candida is usually known to be a woman problem. In fact most Candida sufferers are women, but men also can develop male yeast infection. The symptoms of Candida are for women and men as well embarrassing and will cause both genders a lot of trouble. In order to prevent yeast infection women and men should know, what causes Candida. This article informs about four common male yeast infection causes.


male yeast infection causes Candida Albicans


Candida albicans is the name for the fungus that can cause yeast infection. This fungus can thrive under warm, dark and moist conditions. The male penis qualifies for these conditions, the foreskin of the penis in particular invites the yeast fungus the most. When men develop male yeast infection it will hurt and embarrass them considerably.

Common Causes For Male Yeast Infection

There are four common conditions that can cause male yeast infection: prolonged use of antibiotics, unprotected sex, unhealthy lifestyle and bad nutrition. Prolonged use of antibiotics helps killing bad bacteria and is therefore necessary to fight diseases, but it also kills good bacteria and when the latter occurs Candida Albicans is able to thrive and causes yeast infection.



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Another risk of contracting the disease is having unprotected sexual intercourse with a woman, especially with one who is already infected. Until the condition of the woman is treated men must refrain from sexual intercourse, because the risk of contracting yeast infection is very high.

Poor nutrition can cause male yeast infection, because this allows the fungus to thrive. In fact a poor lifestyle can cause many diseases. Candida can be caused especially when men consume a lot of beer, because the yeast thrives in beer and other fermented beverages.

Stress, diabetes and HIV are other possible male yeast infection causes.

When men think about preventing yeast infection they should therefore consider those points: try to live healthy, especially when you use antibiotics, get a balanced nutrition, proper foods and have safe and protected sex.

If you have developed yeast infection, you can try to take first steps in buying over-the-counter medications. There are creams with anti-fungal properties you can use and you can also try out home remedies that are also used in treating female yeast infection.


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